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Welcome to the Office of Dr. Beth Tumarkin

Specializing In:




Anxiety/Panic Disorder

Bipolar Disorder




Now offering Telepsychiatry appointments! 


I am Dr. Beth Tumarkin,  a psychiatrist who works with children, adolescents, college-aged individuals and adults with a variety of concerns, including ADHD, depressive disorders and/or anxiety disorders.


I also have extensive experience working with Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.


Though a lot of people are referred to me for advice about the potential use and ongoing management of medication, I also utilize therapy in my approach in order to teach tools that can be used over a lifetime.


I see myself as a part of a potential treatment team, greatly enjoying a collaborative approach with other therapists.


I always welcome referrals from therapists, primary care physicians, and specialists.

PHONE: (727) 498-1683

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